Book-Catalogue Universo Borgeano


A Book-Catalog of “Universo Borgeano” was presented in August 2017 in the “Casa Central of the Banco Ciudad”.

The book consists of texts of Borges reflecting his ideas about Visual Art.
In the book is also a Prologue written by María Kodama, widow of Borges and President of the International Borges Foundation.

You can also find texts from Dr. Javier Ortiz Batalla, President of Banco Ciudad, from Mario Morando President of the Banco Ciudad Foundation and Sr. Ignacio Olmos, Director of the Cervantes Institute-New York.

Each artist wrote a few words about the influence of Borges in their art works.
The book also reproduces the works of the Artist Gabriela Aberastury, Gabriel Barna, Norma Bessouet, Mariano Cornejo and Sara Facio, showed in the “Universo Borgeano” exhibition.


Casa Central del Banco Ciudad de la ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina